Me Time T Time is about creating spaces, places and resources focused on supporting and empowering women in need of self love, self care while working to make their dreams a reality. Our handmade personalized products promote messages of inspiration and creativity. An additional resource for those wishing to pursue one on one work can be found with life coaching services. Coming soon:  Subscription Boxes curated to promote support self care.

  • Crewnecks

    A crewneck can be a great addition to your wardrobe, as it is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in a variety of settings. Find the perfect crewneck for you to complement your wardrobe and personality. When looking through our inventory you’ll find no shortage of a variety of options to match your next event or outing. Custom orders for specific events are available as well.

  • Drinkware

    Finding and buying the perfect drinkware can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming with so many different options available. Take a look at our store and see our designs that can also be customized. We help take the guess work out of finding the best tumbler and various drinkware options. Looking for humor? Looking for sentimental? We have it covered!

  • Hoodies

    When it comes to buying a hoodie, there are a few things to consider in order to make the right choice. First, think about the purpose of the hoodie. Are you looking for a casual hoodie to wear around the house or to run errands? Or do you need a more hoodie for organizations, activities or sports? Begin your search here for the perfect custom hoodie at any future event or outing.

  • Indigenous Beadwork

    If you are looking to buy indigenous beadwork, you are in for a treat. The beautiful and meaningful art form that has been passed down through generations is a reflection of the rich culture and history of the owner. Each piece tell s a unique story and the heart that goes into the pieces during the planning and creation stations are sure to shine after they have been purchased. Explore our pieces we currently have for sale.

  • T-Shirts

    Buying t-shirts can be both fun and exciting here, at Me Time T-Time. Before you consider making a purchase, think about the graphic style you are looking for. If you see a design that needs further customization, do not hesitate to reach out and describe what you are specifically seeking. From witty puns, girls weekends, to sports and organizations; you will find a plethora of ideas and designs based off of our current top sellers. All things considered, get started by browsing now!

  • Tote bags

    Nowadays searching for he perfect tote bag goes beyond needing a sturdy and practical bag. Consider your next tote bag as an investment statement piece for a variety of purposes. Whether it be carrying groceries, going to the beach, or taking along your laptop and books. Are you seeking a playing and elegant design on your tote bag? Perhaps you may want to customize with colorful and patterned punny sayings and images expressing your personality to fit your style.

  • Manifest

    Pursuing the goals and dreams to create and help others alongside their wellness journey. Bringing dreams to reality for oneself and others.

  • Create

    Making the spaces and places for expressing and addressing the self-work that often gets dismissed to ensure healing and dreaming.

  • Inspire

    Coaching and working alongside others who may need a little bit of support where they feel stuck in their journey. We are all connected.